Why digital startups and communication agencies need DevOps from day one

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You create websites or other digital projects? Then you better setup a DevOps workflow from day one. It's incredibly easy and smart!

How to get started?

I've seen it many times. Startups and small agencies tend to think that they can start their digital projects just like that and then adjust the workflow along the way. Also they are afraid of wasting time to think about the setup when they are indeed in need of speed. So they code away and do not spend a minute thinking about the right setup.

I think this is a major misconception of digital projects in general. I've seen it fail many times and here is the major reason for it:


"If you lean your ladder of success against the wrong wall then each step you take takes your further away from success."

In other words: set your strategy on the right track or at least lean your ladder against the right wall even if you're a little off. That's ok.

MVP, fail smart and early, rapid development

There's more sayings picked from the language of the DevOps domain: "If you don't fail, you're not going fast enough."
"If you never pivot, you're not on track."
I'm sure you might have heard of more examples.

You may also ask yourself: "How can you hesitate at the beginning and obviously lose time."

Don't waste your time, invest your time

If you invest a few days in a proper first step setting on your digital projects, I promise you'll gain it all back during your first little project or first project phase. By the time your second project or the second phase of your bigger project starts you'll win time each single day. You'll profit from compound interest that comes back from your time investment in the first place.

And that's for two main reasons:

1.) You have leaned your ladder against the right wall.
2.) You are able to scale your project when necessary.

I'm all in for rapid development, minimal viable products and fail smart and early but it has to happen on reasonable grounds.

Here's what I consider as a must have for a project start.

Sign up to any DevOps Platform that suits your needs. Yes a platform, not a loose collection of services. That way you can start basic and small but your working into the right direction with the option of continuously improving your value stream. My personal choice was Gitlab but I'm sure you can go with others.

See you next week for more


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